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Oliver Kleimaier, Managing Director

Acquire gemstones as an investment for generations

Money that is not linked to an equivalent value has been shown to always return to its intrinsic value over time, namely zero. History has shown that this has caused millions of people to lose their fortunes in the past. For this reason, assets must be permanently protected regardless of a crisis. Investment colored gemstones have proven for centuries that they are capable of. We thus offer a secure way of preserving assets over generations.

Hedge assets with gemstones

As wealth increases, it is no longer primarily about returns. The question is rather, how can I diversify my assets even better, thus safeguarding them and passing them on to my children? Above all, it’s about not losing it!

Alexander Streeb, Managing Director and Company Founder
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Why you should invest in gemstones:

The diversification principle states that you should not put all your eggs in one basket in order to minimize risks and build a balanced portfolio. To achieve this, tangible assets should be included in the portfolio. Well thought-out financial planning results in an investment portfolio that is tailored to the investor’s individual needs and personal situation. Yet an investment portfolio is not complete without gemstones, as they are the ideal complement to precious metals and real estate.

To create a balanced portfolio, it is advisable to complement immobile assets, such as real estate, with mobile assets, such as precious stones. A property for the handbag, so to speak. A tailor-made investment should also take care to invest outside the reach of the state and invest in scarce or rare tangible assets to benefit from their rarity and scarcity.

Tangible assets based on the principle of scarcity represent the future of asset protection. When selecting such investments, attention should always be paid to the quality of purchase in order to invest successfully in the long term and to secure one’s own assets.

Investing for generations through gemstones can be an effective way to preserve and protect assets over long periods of time. Gemstones have been known for centuries as stable investments and have retained their value for generations.

Eternity is a central theme when investing in gemstones. Because gemstones are timeless and durable, they can serve as a safe investment to secure, protect and preserve value. People who have worked all their lives and built something often want to ensure that their wealth is preserved and passed on to future generations.

In this context, it is less about high profits and more about protecting assets against inflation, economic crises and other risks. Gemstones can be considered a historical store of value, as they can preserve their value over long periods of time.

Preserving value over generations is an important aspect of long-term wealth accumulation. Gemstones can be considered assets for eternity that can secure family wealth for generations.

In summary, investing in gemstones can serve as a timeless investment to preserve value easily and for the long term. It not only enables value preservation, but also the ability to preserve and pass on assets for future generations.

Now is the time to take action and invest in gems to protect your wealth and offset inflation. This will allow you to maintain your purchasing power even if the bank runs into trouble over the weekend. There are at least ten dangers lurking your money, such as monetary reform or the introduction of digital central bank money (DZBG).

In order to maintain control of your assets, it is important to protect against the devaluation of money. Sooner or later, money always becomes worthless, and paper money tends to approach zero. In the past, millions of people who put their trust in paper money lost their fortunes. The next crash is inevitable, so it is important to protect oneself from government access, expropriation and the possible abolition of cash. Gemstones offer a solid and stable value alternative in uncertain times.

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Our 7-point quality promise

Through our decades of financial knowledge (Alex Streeb), we help families protect and preserve assets through generations of investment colored gemstones. International laboratories, certified IHK appraisers and our on-site purchasing experts are part of our 7-point quality promise and guarantee you a safe shopping experience.

You will receive a gemological report for the gemstone from an external, renowned laboratory (DSEF, Gübelin, SSEF), which will confirm its authenticity and quality in black and white from a neutral party.

You will receive an appraisal for each gemstone from a publicly sworn and appointed IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) expert for colored gemstones, which will confirm the current value in euros from a neutral party in black and white.

We deliver each gemstone exclusively in our sealed, transparent security packaging incl. access code to the DEH online database.

In order to ensure the authenticity of the appraisals for each gemstone, you can access our gemstone database online at any time (code-protected) from anywhere in the world. This allows you to verify in real time that the information on the physical appraisal and the security packaging of your gemstone match.

Optional bieten wir bei Kauf eine Treuhandabwicklung über ein Treuhandkonto für Sie an.

Hier überwacht ein externer Wirtschaftsprüfer den gesamten Kaufprozess bis zur Auslieferung des Edelsteins. Erst dann erhalten wir von diesem Wirtschaftsprüfer den vollständigen Kaufpreis.

Auditing company, Berlin

Optionally, you can have your investment safely stored with us in a high-security duty-free warehouse outside of Germany, outside of the EU. Also, every precious stone would be insured against loss, theft, damage etc. accordingly. VAT is deferred for you during the storage period.

All relevant internal processes are carried out by us according to the 4-eyes principle with simultaneous video recording. This ensures security and transparency.

10 points you should consider when investing in gemstones!

In this video, you will learn the crucial aspects to consider if you are planning to invest in colored gemstones.

customer testimonials

Get to know some of our customers and their thoughts here. Listen to your positive experiences with us. The speakers are Beate K. (payroll clerk), Hannelore S. (speech therapist and mother), Heike and Erik H. (entrepreneur couple), Dominic L. (head chef).

Beate K.
(payroll clerk)

“In times of political and economic uncertainty, invest in a stable tangible asset, not speculatively. Take precautions for yourself and your partner.”

Hannelore S.
(speech therapist and mother)

“Investing for the next generation. A capital investment that is not eaten up by inflation, where something remains for the future.”

Heike & Erik H.
(entrepreneur couple)

“As an entrepreneur, always plan ahead, including when it comes to your private investments. Found a perfect addition to the existing investment portfolio with investment colored gemstones.”

Dominic L.

“Receive a customized portfolio in colored gemstones. Secure a natural product that is finite. In doing so, follow the scarcity principle for yourself and your money.”

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Procedure for investing in a colored gemstone from DEH

Of course, you will always be kept up to date by us about all steps.

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• Class: silicates
• Genesis: Pegmatitic (Magmatic)
• Colors: Blue
• Hardness: 8
• Optical Effects: Rare cat eye effect

Top Quality
Top Service

• Class: silicates
• Genesis: Magmatic
• Colours: light green to intense green
• Hardness: 7
• Optical effects: cat's eye effect, rarely a star effect

Top Quality
Top Service

• Class: Oxides
• Genesis: Metamorph, the best qualities come from marbles
• Colours: Red
• Hardness: 9
• Visual Effects: Star Effect

Top Quality
Top Service

• Class: silicates
• Genesis: Hydrothermal (magmatic) and metamorphic
• Colours: Green
• Hardness: 8
• Optical Effects: Rare cat eye effect

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