We help families protect and preserve assets through generations of investment colored gemstones.

We achieve this through our decades of financial knowledge (Alex Streeb), through our gemstone expertise (international laboratories, IHK appraisers and local purchasing experts) and our unique 7-point quality promise .
Money that is not linked to an equivalent value has been shown to always return to its intrinsic value over time, namely zero.
History has shown that this has caused millions of people to lose their fortunes in the past. For this reason, assets must be permanently protected regardless of a crisis.
Investment colored gemstones have proven for centuries that they are capable of. We thus offer a secure way of preserving assets over generations.

Our team introduces itself

The German Gemstone House is your partner for an investment in colored gemstones.

Our team combines many years of experience with excellent know-how, so that we can respond to your wishes competently and purposefully.

Alexander Streeb
Alexander StreebCEO, company founder
Oliver Klemaier
Oliver KlemaierManaging Director
Maren Peters
Maren PetersManagement Assistant
Tatyana Haufler
Tatyana HauflerKey Account Manager, Expert Advice on Gemstones
Pia Streeb
Pia Streebcontrolling
Ilkay Cebisci
Ilkay CebisciProcessing, social media
Carmen Arnold
Carmen ArnoldData protection coordinator, online marketing
Our customers are enthusiastic:
customer testimonials

Get to know some of our customers and their thoughts here. Listen to your positive experiences with us. The speakers are Beate K. (payroll clerk), Hannelore S. (speech therapist and mother), Heike and Erik H. (entrepreneur couple), Dominic L. (head chef).

Beate K.
(payroll clerk)

“In times of political and economic uncertainty, invest in a stable tangible asset, not speculatively. Take precautions for yourself and your partner.”

Hannelore S.
(speech therapist and mother)

“Investing for the next generation. A capital investment that is not eaten up by inflation, where something remains for the future.”

Heike & Erik H.
(entrepreneur couple)

“As an entrepreneur, always plan ahead, including when it comes to your private investments. Found a perfect addition to the existing investment portfolio with investment colored gemstones.”

Dominic L.

“Receive a customized portfolio in colored gemstones. Secure a natural product that is finite. In doing so, follow the scarcity principle for yourself and your money.”