A clear line of color grading is important for retail. It is just as important to be able to express yourself clearly and understandably about the color intensity and its distribution.

No standardized system has been established over the centuries. This means that traders always have to “look” at the stone.

However, the main aspect is that one always knows which color is attractive. If this color is maximally represented, without being disturbed by zoning or inclusions, then this color can be regarded as the “upper limit of the natural color type scale”.

Stones with a more moderate color can be assessed in their frequency and thus their market value based on the difference to this color optimum (best color for the stone type).

color grades of gemstones

Color is one of the most important 4Cs for attractiveness.

From a distance you always see the color first, and only when you look closer does the purity of a stone appear. Color is therefore very important, especially for jewelry.

As an investment, a stone of good color is immensely important as its attractiveness gives it greater market acceptance than would a larger stone of less color.