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Our top selection of investment colored gemstones for you

There are over 1,000 varieties of colored gemstones in the world. When we founded the company, we already identified those top 12 investment gemstones for you which have the best possible potential and offer you exactly these for sale.

We will be happy to advise you personally and then submit our proposal for an individual portfolio.


Aquamarines belong to the beryl family. They are the blue variety of it. The coloring element is iron. The name beryl comes from the Greek.

Mandarin garnet

Mandarin garnet belongs to the garnet family and is an orange colored variety of it, which gets its name from its color.


Morganites belong to the beryl family. They are the pink variety of it.
The coloring element is manganese.

Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba tourmaline belongs to the mineral class silicates. It is named after the state of Paraíba in Brazil, where it was found in the 1980s.


Peridot is a solid solution of the end members forsterite and fayalite and varies in its color spectrum from yellow-green to intense green.


Rubies belong to the corundum family. They are the red variety of it. The name corundum is of Indian origin, derived from the Sanskrit “kuruvinda”.


Sapphires belong to the corundum family. Blue sapphires are the blue variety of it. The name corundum is of Indian origin and translated means “hard stones”.


Emeralds belong to the beryl family. They are the green variety of it. The name beryl comes from the Greek and is the eponym of the “glasses”.


Spinel comes from the mineral class of oxides. The spinel owes its name to its octahedral growth form, which means thorn or point.


Tanzanite belongs to the mineral species zoisite. The name was given by Abraham Werner in 1805 after Baron von Zois, who first found the mineral zoisite in the Alps.


Tsavorite (also called tsavolite) is a green garnet, which was named by the Tiffany company in New York in 1974 after its occurrence in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya.


Tourmalines belong to the most colorful gemstone family. Green tourmaline (verdelite), as well as pink colored tourmaline (rubellite) are varieties of the tourmaline family.

Performance charts of blue sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, emerald

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