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What does “potential” mean?

There are over 1,200 different varieties (variants) of gemstones. Of these, only 12 come into question as investment colored gemstones (including rubies, emeralds and sapphires). But only if you meet strict quality criteria.
Within this small group, the German Gemstone House only acquires gemstones with the very highest quality criteria.
Specifically: Of the colored gemstone deposits found and mined worldwide every year, only max. 1-3% of the highest grade to be considered an investment colored gemstone.
We only offer our customers these qualities for sale.

Our list of services is already included in the purchase price for you

Sale of investment grade colored gemstones only
Compliance with the 10-point quality promise
Gemmological report (authenticity, untreated) by an independent, internationally renowned laboratory
Valuation report (value in euros) from a publicly appointed & sworn IHK appraiser for colored gemstones
Delivery of each gemstone exclusively in our sealed security visual packaging
Clear allocation of each gemstone to the expert opinion thanks to the online database
Compliance with the 7-point quality promise
Delivery in an exclusive premium box made in Germany
Personal media album on USB card for each of your gemstones (photos, presentation film)
Our customers are enthusiastic:
customer testimonials

Get to know some of our customers and their thoughts here. Listen to your positive experiences with us. The speakers are Beate K. (payroll clerk), Hannelore S. (speech therapist and mother), Heike and Erik H. (entrepreneur couple), Dominic L. (head chef).

Beate K.
(payroll clerk)

“In times of political and economic uncertainty, invest in a stable tangible asset, not speculatively. Take precautions for yourself and your partner.”

Hannelore S.
(speech therapist and mother)

“Investing for the next generation. A capital investment that is not eaten up by inflation, where something remains for the future.”

Heike & Erik H.
(entrepreneur couple)

“As an entrepreneur, always plan ahead, including when it comes to your private investments. Found a perfect addition to the existing investment portfolio with investment colored gemstones.”

Dominic L.

“Receive a customized portfolio in colored gemstones. Secure a natural product that is finite. In doing so, follow the scarcity principle for yourself and your money.”

10 points you should consider when investing in gemstones!

In this video, you will learn the crucial aspects to consider if you are planning to invest in colored gemstones.

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