10 points you should consider when investing in gemstones!

In this video, you will learn the crucial aspects to consider if you are planning to invest in colored gemstones.

From determining the authenticity and quality of the stones, to ensuring the correct market value, to the safekeeping of your valuable investment.

Interview Deutsches Edelsteinhaus bei Michael Sielmon | Gastbeitrag 2/2Wir hatten die Ehre, als Gast auf dem YouTube Kanal von Michael Sielmon an einem faszinierenden Gespräch teilzunehmen. In unserer zweiten Runde des Interviews mit Herrn Michael Sielmon beantwortet Herr Oliver Kleimaier Ihre Fragen zu Investmentfarbedelsteinen. Von tiefgehenden Einblicken bis zu praktischen Tipps - wir haben die Welt dieser faszinierenden Investitionen beleuchtet.Im ersten Interview diskutierten wir, wie man Vermögen kunstvoll durch Farbedelsteine diversifiziert. Unser exklusives Video gibt Antworten auf Ihre Fragen und zeigt, wie eine intelligente Strategie Vermögen schützen kann.Wenn Ihnen die Runde gefallen hat, würden wir uns freuen, wenn Sie es liken, einen Kommentar hinterlassen und unseren Kanal abonnieren 💬👍🔔✅. Ihre Unterstützung bedeutet uns viel. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier: www.deutsches-edelsteinhaus.com/Hier können Sie sich einen kostenlosen Beratungstermin buchen: termin.deutsches-edelsteinhaus.com/ Gratis Webinar buchen:alexanderstreeb.com/online-vortrag/aktuell/einladung/ #interview #vermögensschutz #vermögenssicherung #sachwerte #Farbedelsteine #geldanlage #vermögensschutz #webinar #edelsteine #expertenwissen #deutschesedelsteinhaus #wissenteilen #AlternativeInvestments Zu Michael Sielmon:www.youtube.com/@MichaelSielmonstrategiereport.de ... Mehr sehenWeniger anzeigen
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You want to learn more?

Why do some people manage to preserve assets even in times of crisis and others do not?

Why are some able to pass on their wealth to the next generations, while others already have it slipping between their fingers?

Is it all just a coincidence or great luck for some and bad luck for others? Or is there a particular principle that must be understood and followed in order to successfully maintain prosperity?

Find out here!

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Get to know some of our customers and their thoughts here. Listen to your positive experiences with us. The speakers are Beate K. (payroll clerk), Hannelore S. (speech therapist and mother), Heike and Erik H. (entrepreneur couple), Dominic L. (head chef).

Beate K.
(payroll clerk)

“In times of political and economic uncertainty, invest in a stable tangible asset, not speculatively. Take precautions for yourself and your partner.”

Hannelore S.
(speech therapist and mother)

“Investing for the next generation. A capital investment that is not eaten up by inflation, where something remains for the future.”

Heike & Erik H.
(entrepreneur couple)

“As an entrepreneur, always plan ahead, including when it comes to your private investments. Found a perfect addition to the existing investment portfolio with investment colored gemstones.”

Dominic L.

“Receive a customized portfolio in colored gemstones. Secure a natural product that is finite. In doing so, follow the scarcity principle for yourself and your money.”

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Procedure for investing in a colored gemstone from DEH

Of course, you will always be kept up to date by us about all steps.

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• Class: silicates
• Genesis: Pegmatitic (Magmatic)
• Colors: Blue
• Hardness: 8
• Optical Effects: Rare cat eye effect

Top Quality
Top Service

• Class: silicates
• Genesis: Magmatic
• Colours: light green to intense green
• Hardness: 7
• Optical effects: cat's eye effect, rarely a star effect

Top Quality
Top Service

• Class: Oxides
• Genesis: Metamorph, the best qualities come from marbles
• Colours: Red
• Hardness: 9
• Visual Effects: Star Effect

Top Quality
Top Service

• Class: silicates
• Genesis: Hydrothermal (magmatic) and metamorphic
• Colours: Green
• Hardness: 8
• Optical Effects: Rare cat eye effect

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