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Our team of experts searches worldwide for investment gemstones with potential for our customers in order to buy them as close to the source as possible. That way we can pass our buying advantage directly on to the customer.

With our approach to buying, you profit by cutting out the middlemen.

Why Investment Gemstones?

Centuries of Value Preservation

Due to their rarity and beauty, colored gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires have fascinated humankind for centuries. As far back as thousands of years ago these stones were used in royal insignias in ancient Egypt, India, and China to demonstrate wealth and power.

Natural Scarcity

Colored gemstones in investment quality are much rarer in the market and develop far more positively than diamonds. This scarcity equates to natural protection against inflation.

Stable Value Development

Stock markets are characterized by high volatility. In contrast, investment gemstones feature minimal fluctuation in value paired with long-term growth in value. Gemstones have proven to offer high stability in value, particularly in periods of crisis.

edelstein saphir
edelstein paraiba turmalin

Example: Sapphire, good quality, Ceylon, unheated, approx. 5 ct (1 gram)

Example: Aquamarine good quality, approx. 25 ct (5 grams)

Example: Paraíba Tourmaline, good quality, Mozambique, approx. 3 ct (0.6 grams)

Natural Inflation Protection

Unlike paper money, colored gemstones are not only naturally protected against inflation, but over the centuries their value has been maintained and increased.

When Mother Earth provides fewer gemstones, the supply is tighter. For example, when the legendary Kashmir sapphires from Pakistan were only being found in small quantities, their price on the world market exploded. Similarly, large Paraíba tourmalines are nearly unavailable in the market and are climbing to dizzying prices. 

Good quality investment-grade colored gemstones are becoming ever smaller and rarer. This is what we view as "stones with potential."

1,000 Times Rarer than Diamonds

For tanzanite there is only one extraction area worldwide. It will be stripped in 10-15 years according to reports.

What makes it so desirable is the fact that it is a thousand times rarer than a diamond and thus is among the most unique colored gemstones in the world.

edelstein tansanit

Example: Tanzanite, medium quality, Tanzania, approx. 12 ct (2.1 grams)

Security is the Highest Priority

Transparency, discretion, and security have the highest priority for us. The German Gemstone House guarantees a direct, competent, and transparent process for your purchase of colored gemstones. 

If you would like additional security, you can elect to have the transaction executed via a trust for a 1% fee. This trust processing ensures that you will, in fact, receive the goods that you ordered for your money.

The GGH 6-Point-Security-System

How does the German Gemstone House Select the Gemstones for Investment?

From the full universe of over 1,200 colored gemstones, we select stones in a multi-level process with our team of experts, based on the following important quantitative and qualitative criteria:

Investment Gemstones

Our core expertise lies in distinguishing, through our broad and deep specialized knowledge, between ornamental jewels and investment gemstones and placing the emphasis exclusively on investment gemstones.


From the 1,200 various kinds of gemstones, we concentrate primarily on those that have proven their value as investment gemstones in both the recent and distant past.

Proximity to the Source

Our aim is to buy as close as possible to the source of the respective stones in order to cut out the middlemen and thus to pass the price advantage on to our customers.

Expected Potential

We curate a mix of proven investment gemstones and supplement them with new investment gemstones that we deem to have high growth potential based on their characteristics and quality.

Investment Universe

We Acquire Investment Gemstones for You…

… by evaluating criteria for the purchase including, for example, availability, a good cost-benefit ratio, an optimistic price development horizon, quality, and more.

From the Current Gemstone Universe of the German Gemstone House

Here you see a sampling of various investment gemstones as well as their price history in recent years. All quotations are based on the average sales prices in retail trade. This overview is presented in two different investment qualities: MidFine and MidGood.

(To enlarge the image please click on the picture!)

DEH Blauer Saphir Investmentqualität
DEH Grüner Turmalin Investmentqualität
DEH Rubin Investmentqualität
DEH Smaragd Investmentqualität

All price quotations include VAT.

Learn More About Investment Gemstones.

Take part in one of the free informational webinars that familiarize you with the concept of gemstone investment. You can review the current dates here:

Professionally Invest In Colored Gemstones.

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Why Investment Gemstones?

Colored gemstones are characterized by their naturalness, beauty, and rarity.

The criteria for an investment gemstone are also defined by its particular 4Cs:

Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.

One of the most important criteria for an investment gemstone is its rarity. The combination of these 4Cs makes it exclusive.

"Every investment gemstone is a jewel. However, not every jewel is an investment gemstone."

Jewels are available in large volumes at relatively favorable prices and are suitable as an investment only in the rarest instances.

Investment gemstones, however, exhibit a far higher quality through the combination of their 4Cs.

They are thus substantially rarer and more expensive than jewels.

edelstein alexandrit

Example: Alexandrite, good quality, approx. 4 ct (0.8 grams)

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