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Gemstones – an investment with centuries of tradition and lasting value.

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11 Reasons Why Top Investors Invest in Gemstones

Alexander Streeb

Financial expert for over 35 years and founder of the

German Gemstone House

Characteristics of Investment Gemstones

A gemstone is characterized by the factors of naturalness, beauty, and rarity. This sequence can be also regarded in ascending order as increasing in value.

Investment gemstones must be natural.

The beauty of a gemstone is defined by its cut, color, clarity, and carats (the "4Cs"). Its rarity is directly correlated with its geological rarity. The better and more rare each of its 4Cs is, the higher its investment potential.

Certificates are likewise an absolute must for investment gemstones.


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Over 100 Billion Euros in Annual Revenue

The wealthy discovered the investment potential in gemstones long ago. In Antwerp (Belgium) alone, between 30-40 billion euros worth of gemstones are traded each year. That is nearly 8% of the Belgian gross domestic product.

Strong Partners

We work exclusively with internationally recognized laboratories, renowned trustees, mineralogists and German experts sworn by the Chamber of Commerce.

Full Transparency and Security

We are committed to ensuring that your gemstone purchase provides maximum security regarding the authenticity and the quality of your gemstones. At the same time, you will also pay attractive prices thanks to our buying concept.

Your Personal Gemstone Investment Advisor

We offer a natural, inflation-protected form of investment with a centuries-old tradition. 

Our team of experts searches worldwide for investment gemstones with potential for our customers in order to buy them as close to the source as possible. 

This service was only available to extraordinarily wealthy investors until now.


We create an individually tailored portfolio of investment gemstones for you.


The purchase is executed, per your wishes, by an experienced trustee in Germany.


You determine where your gemstones are safely stored. They can be held in a duty-free warehouse or delivered directly to you.

Image of safety-sealed packaging

Full Service at a Fraction of the Cost.

The German Gemstone House, works without intermediate and wholesale dealers and generally buys as close to the source as possible from mines and lapidaries.

This pricing advantage is passed on to our customers.

Professionally Invest In Colored Gemstones.

100% Trust Processing | Full Transparency | No Hidden Costs

In Kürze ...

„Die 6 goldenen Regeln für Ihr Edelstein-Investement“ - Ratgeber als Download

Laden Sie jetzt unseren speziellen Ratgeber herunter und erfahren Sie die 6 goldenen Regeln für Ihr Edelstein-Investment, die sich bei Privat- und Profi-Anlegern immer höherer Popularität erfreuen.

Your Intelligent Gemstone Portfolio.

Global Diversification.

Our aim is to buy colored gemstones as close to the source as possible around the globe. This means you receive top investment gemstones at outstanding prices.

Colored Gemstones.

Not every colored gemstone is an investment stone. From the full universe of colored gemstones, we select only those that promise good value development on a long-term basis.

Appraised by Experts.

Our technical appraisals and our value appraisals are based on accepted, world-wide standards and are performed by experienced, independent, and recognized appraisers and laboratories.

edelstein rubin

Example: Ruby, very good quality, Mozambique,

approx. 2.52 ct (0.5 grams)

edelstein tansanit

Example: Tanzanite, good quality, Tanzania,

approx. 23.71 ct (4.7 grams)

Our Founder

Alexander Streeb brings together experts from gemology and investing.

Alexander Streeb (born 1960) is the founder and managing director of the German Gemstone House.

Mr. Streeb is a renowned financial expert and has been active in the financial services industry for 35 years. He is the co-founder of the wealth management firm German Capital Management AG, which manages assets of around 200 million euros and is among the most successful wealth management companies in Germany. In the spring of 2018, after over 20 years on the executive committee and supervisory board, he left the company to concentrate fully on the German Gemstone House. In addition to his technical knowledge in financial matters, his expertise lies in the areas of entrepreneurial development, sales, and communication.

He translated his passion for colored gemstones into his profession in order to bring the centuries-old asset class of colored gemstones back to the attention of national and international investors by making the investments simple, understandable, and transparent. To that end he brought together a team of international experts, with a deep foundation of specialized knowledge, and developed a quality-controlled system for the acquisition of investment gemstones.

Risk Management Also Means Protecting Assets Against Inflation and Losses in Value.

Financial regression occurs when prime interest rates are kept very low by a central bank for an extended period, while at the same time inflation is substantially higher than interest rates.

When interest rates are close to zero, inflation of just two to three per cent is enough to gradually pull wealth out of the hands of the wealthy and reallocate it for the benefit of the state.

It is no accident that there has been a continuous push into the stable value of tangible assets in recent years.

Colored gemstones (along with gold and diamonds) have outlived all currencies, survived every financial crisis and currency reform, and always maintained and in part even increased their value.

Professionally Invest In Colored Gemstones.

Mobility | Discretion | Inflation Protection | Tangible Value

Deutsches Edelsteinhaus DEH GmbH
Chief Executive Officers: Alexander Streeb, Oliver Kleimaier

Commercial Register Number: HRB 737047